Answers to Common Questions

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I picked a plan, now what?
I will contact you soon to coordinate your label details and equipment needs. If you do not hear from me within 48 hrs, please contact me.

What equipment do I need?
You may purchase a pre-configured tablet, printer and customized stainless steel tray on the Day Label equipment page. Plan for a three week turnaround on pre-configured equipment because I currently order as-needed and do not keep surplus inventory.

Can I DIY?
I do not recommend the DIY route for this particular project, but realize some technically advanced users just can’t resist. So as a resource to a verified customer only, if you decide to DIY, I will email my guides to your verified customer email. You may also contact me. Find my pre-configured labeling system kit on my Day Label equipment page.

How do I configure my equipment?
Several meticulous details are involved with both hardware and software configurations alike. For this reason, I recommend purchasing my pre-configured labeling system kit. As a resource to a verified customer only, if you decide to DIY, I will email my guides to your verified customer email. You may also contact me.

What if I am not satisfied?
Equipment: If there was a problem with your order (missing, damaged, wrong items) my return policy makes it easy to correct your order, or get your money back.
I apologize for any error made in the processing of your order and for any inconvenience it may have caused.
If you received extra items that are not yours, please contact me with the information from the items that are not yours.
If you are missing items from your order, please call me with detailed information of what is missing so I can reorder it for you or reimburse you.
If you received someone else’s order completely, please contact me for assistance with the order number from the order you did receive, as well as your order number so I can track your equipment.
When returning equipment purchased, shipping costs paid on the order are not refunded. If you prefer to return by mail, pack the equipment and receipt into a sturdy box. Day Label does not provide prepaid shipping labels. Please send all shipments prepaid and include all equipment with tags/labels. Contact me to make arrangements.
To avoid return shipping and handling costs, if you are near the Minnesota Twin Cities, simply bring your equipment and receipt to an agreed upon meeting place to deliver your equipment. Include original packaging and tags/labels to a Day Label representative. Contact me to make arrangements.

Payment plan: Where the Vendor feels any of the Software is non-conforming to its specifications, the Vendor may choose to remedy this issue by any of the following: to repair or replace any or all of the Software; or provide a refund to the Licensee.
Any refund provided under this section may be reduced where the Licensee has gained significant use and value from the Software. The reduction will be prorated over the anticipated life of the License Agreement whether monthly, yearly or limited lifetime.
Limited Lifetime License has a limited refund request period of one (1) year, starting from the earliest signed date of this agreement. For the purpose of calculating a refund request on a Limited Lifetime License, the anticipated life of the Limited Lifetime License Agreement shall be considered 20 years. The refund amount shall not exceed a rate of three (3) dollars per month. After the one (1) year return request period, all return values are zero (0) dollars.
Contact me to make arrangements.

What can I print on the label?
A typical Day Label is structured to display the day of the week, date & time prepared, food name, custom user initials, and the use-by date & time. You can find an example at the bottom of my home page.

Can I customize the labels?
Because I build the database for you, only I have access for customization. Keep in mind, the core idea with Day Label is to provide a simple solution to printing basic food related information labels. Nevertheless, let me know what you’re hoping to achieve and I certainly will try to accommodate the request. Please contact me to add, subtract or change a product in your database, at no charge. Changes may take up to 48 hrs to process. When complete, my changes will be immediate and do not require a manual update on your end.

What size are the labels?
The labels are a square 1:1 ratio, and can be scaled up or down for your needs when you print. This means you can use smaller 1 inch x 1 inch labels, or larger 2 inch x 2 inch labels. Most customers prefer the smaller 1 inch x 1 inch labels because they are very legible and usually less expensive. I have a link to the 1×1 labels on my equipment page.

What if I need help on-site?
I would love to help, but travel and hotel accommodations get expensive. If travel/flight and hotel expenses are paid, then absolutely. Please contact me to make arrangements.